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Greater Holiday Rights For Employees On Sick Leave

You work hard all year looking forward to three weeks holiday over Christmas, only to fall ill on the second day in - bedridden for the entire period. And, of course, you conveniently recover the day before you are due to start back at work!

Lindsay Lohan Seeks $100m From E-Trade Over Babymilkgate

The Boston Herald reports that actress Lindsay Lohan is suing E-Trade for $100m, claiming that the firm has improperly used her 'likeness, name, characterization and personality without permission' in a promotional ad which debuted during Super Bowl XLIV last month.

More Bonus News

The Wall Street Journal reports that the 'golden handcuffs' put in place by Nomura to retain the Lehman bankers that the firm brought on board following the collapse of the US investment bank, are due to come off soon.