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BofA Succession - Candidate List Is Underwhelming

The candidates are lining up to take over from CEO Ken Lewis, who is due to step down at the end of the year, but the list is somewhat underwhelming - so much so, that BofA may be forced to appoint an interim CEO for a year to buy enough time to identify the right long-term leader.

Forced Out - But Bank Boss Has $125m Reasons To Be Cheerful

Bank of America

Despite what Ken Lewis may say to staff about how he came down from the mountain recently and decided that he was off as he'd accomplished his goals at Bank of America, we all know that Lewis was forced out by lawmakers, attorneys general and angry shareholders (it was, after all, only a few weeks ago that Lewis told everyone who would listen that he had no intention of going anywhere).

Vic Daniels - Grumpy Old Man

Here's the first rant from our editor, Vic Daniels, who makes a few observations on some of the things that have got him worked up over the last few days.