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City Staff May Regret 'Poo-Pooing' Jobs In Government

The Times reports that London-based bankers have 'scoffed' at the compensation terms being offered by the UK Treasury, as it attempts to lure some of the City's finest away to work at the Asset Protection Agency, which monitors the management of the assets owned by the government following its forced intervention into the financial markets.

Some Recruitment & Other News

Reuters reports that data analyzed by Linkedin has revealed that canny Barclays Capital has hired more staff laid-off by rivals than any other investment bank.

Bernie Madoff Said To Have Got Prison Beating

The Wall Street Journal reports that, according to three people in the know (including a couple of former inmates), Bernie Madoff was assaulted by a fellow lag last December, and suffered a broken nose and fractured ribs.

Traders May Have Cell Phones Tapped

The Times reports that UK securities regulator The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is considering forcing City firms to record conversations their traders have on their work cell phones, as the regulator clamps down hard on insider trading.