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Top Firm Said To Have Scored Own Goal

Swiss weekly newspaper Sonntag has reported that UBS apparently recently warned some of its wealth management clients that it may have to disclose their details to US tax authorities, following the settlement of that US tax probe.

Goldman Sachs Must Fail

Goldman Logo

That's the message. In just one short year, Goldman Sachs has morphed from an organisation that was 'too big to fail' into one which is now 'too successful to exist'.

More Bonus News

The Independent reports that Royal Bank of Scotland has come out and denied media reports that it is to pay 'bumper' bonuses this year.

John Mack Confirms He Told Geithner To 'Get F....d'

Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack told CNBC this week that he did indeed order a staffer to tell then-New York Fed President Tim Geithner to 'get fucked', as he was busy on the telephone raising $9bn from Japan's Mitsubishi UFJ, and effectively saving his firm.

What A Way To Lose Your Job!

No-one's quite sure whether this is true, or just another urban legend. But some think that it really happened - at a company based in Singapore.

Banker Gets Eight Years For Death Of Wife

HSBC executive Neil Ellerbeck has been sentenced to no less than 8 years in prison, after being found guilty of manslaughter in the death of his wife. The banker was cleared of murder by a UK jury.

Citigroup's Q3 Earnings

Citigroup has reported net income for the third quarter 2009 of $101 million, and a $0.27 loss per share, based on an average 12.1 billion shares outstanding. Third quarter revenues were $20.4 billion. Results included $8.0 billion in net credit losses and an $802 million net loan loss reserve build.