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Top Firm CEO Says He Won't Poach Staff From Rivals

Elmer Fudd

Associated Press reports that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon confirmed this week that he will not take advantage of the compensation constraints placed on rivals Bank of America and Citi by US pay czar Kenneth Feinberg to tempt away top executives.

'I Hate Recruitment Consultants'

Ronnie the Recruiter

'I hate recruitment consultants'. That's a familiar refrain these days. We seem to get many readers sending in details of bad experiences they claim to have suffered at the hands of a 'useless' recruiter.

Banker, Hire Thyself

As we approach year-end, banker bashing is very much in vogue. What many thought would be a fairly shortlived phenomenon is building into a crescendo, as the contrast between the fortunes of those who work in the investment banking industry and 'ordinary Joe' becomes more apparent.