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Rogue Trader Said Fired

Bloomberg reports that Nomura Holdings is said to have fired a Hong Kong-based trader and his manager after it was discovered the trader incorrectly valued his derivatives portfolio in 2008.

Tearing Up Bankers' Pay Contracts - Is It Legal ?

The UK government has signalled its intention to enact legislation which will allow market regulator The Financial Services Authority (FSA) to 'tear up' bankers’ contracts of employment if it feels that the structure of the compensation on offer encourages unnecessary risk-taking.

After My Bonus, I'm Off


As the financial crisis starts to become a distant memory (notwithstanding the real concern that more bad news may be on the way), investment banks and asset managers are once again on the hire. But they are finding it hard to attract the talent they seek at present, as market professionals are understandably waiting to bag their 2009 bonus payouts before moving on.

The Law Of Unintended Consequences

The Evening Standard reports that Chris Kyle, the CFO over at Royal Bank of Scotland Global Banking & Markets, might get it in the neck for his comment that it's unfair to force banks to publish the names of top earners.

Top Firm Staff Bagged $2.5bn

The Wall Street Journal reports that, according to a new study released by Harvard Law School professionals, executives at Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers cashed out to the tune of around $2.5bn in bonuses and stock sales in the 8 years to 2008.

Rescuing Goldman Sachs - The Truth

Reservoir Gods

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner came under fire again last week over the bailout of AIG (he was a key player in that saga in his previous position as President of the New York Federal Reserve).

Free Job Postings Until 31.03.2010

Here Is The City is pleased to announce that it has relaunched its job board. We have already commenced a major campaign to increase awareness of this offering, and candidate numbers accessing the job board have substantially increased. Our aim for candidates in 2010 is to create a credible place where they can engage with recruiters in order to identify job opportunities around the globe.