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CEO Says He Could Top Himself & People Would Cheer

Goldman Fingered

It was with much anticipation that we sat down to read the overly-long Sunday Times article on Goldman Sachs, which was published this weekend. What new insights would we learn about the firm, and what startling revelations would emerge following the newspaper's visit to Goldman's Broad Street HQ ? Sadly, there were none.

More Bonus News

The Wall Street Journal reports that, according to a new survey undertaken by Johnson Associates, investment banking staff in fixed income and equities could see their bonuses rise by up to 60% for 2009.

Two Firms Said To Exploit Bailed Out Rivals

Bloomberg reports that Barclays Capital and Nomura, both of which have navigated the financial crisis without having to resort to state aid, are hiring 'hundreds' of staff from rivals who are hampered by bonus constraints imposed by national governments.

Top Firms Finally Hit By H1N1 Threat

Swine Flu Alert

It's been a long time coming, but the H1N1 threat has finally hit Wall Street - not the virus itself though, but anger from lawmakers and activist groups who are annoyed that some financial markets professionals might be getting the vaccine at a time when hospitals are experiencing shortfalls, and the vulnerable in society aren't being taken care of.

Top Firm Caught Out By Rogue Traders

The New York Times reports that UBS has been fined $13.3m by UK securities regulator The Financial Services Authority (FSA) for some dodgy goings on over at its wealth management arm in London.

Top Firm Chain Letter

This is no ordinary chain letter. Reading and acting on this could save you a lot of time, inconvenience and much embarrassment. Ignoring this e-mail could ruin your career.