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Goldman Staff Said To Be In PR Spat

The Independent-On-Sunday's 'City Diary' reports that Michael Sherwood, head of Goldman Sachs International, is at odds with the firm's PR guys, as he apparently feels that the firm should be making its case much more aggressively.

Quote Of The Week

Here's something we found in Joseph Tibman's (that's his alias) excellent 'The Murder of Lehman Brothers'.

Goldman Sachs - Between A Rock & A Hard Place

With $20bn wiped off the value of Goldman's stock in the last 2 weeks, and the media onslaught continuing to pound the firm, wouldn't Goldman be better served by settling the fraud case brought against it by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and moving on ?

Goldman Drops $20 Billion

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The news that US federal prosecutors have opened an investigation into certain aspects of Goldman's sales and trading activities further depressed the firm's stock price Thursday.

Citi Says Ex-Employee Gave Trade Secrets To Deutsche Bank

Bloomberg reports that Citi has sued Gautam Hazarika, a former Singapore-based Director in the firm's FX marketing unit, accusing him of sending e-mails containing trade secrets to Deutsche Bank and his personal computer, ahead of his resignation last year to go work for the German bank.



Bad Bonus Pool

London to put limits on underground mansions

For years, the London rich have been on a subterranean building spree. Rather than building up, which often violated zoning rules, they built down, carving out underground swimming pools, cinemas, Ferrari museums and personal spas. Brits came to call them "iceberg homes" since most of their mass was hidden below the surface.