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The Latest On Rogues & Alleged Rogues

Reuters reports that fraudster Bernie Madoff has now been moved to the medical wing of Butner Federal Correctional Complex, where he is currently serving 150 years for his $65bn Ponzi scheme. There have been reports that Madoff has told other inmates that he has cancer, and doesn't expect to ses out his sentence.

The Vic Daniels Column

First class stamps are going up to 41p. What a joke. I send everything I can by e-mail these days, and it's good to see that HM Revenue & Customs (usually clowns themselves) are insisting that many firms now file their VAT returns online from next year.

More Bonus News

The Independent reports that HSBC looks likely to follow Deutsche Bank and spread the impact of the UK bank bonus tax around its global employee population. A similar move is also thought to be being considered by Barclays Capital.