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The E-Mail That Should Have Saved Lehman Brothers

The Wall Street Journal reports that, contrary to what former Lehman executives would have you believe, the New York Fed did give the firm the opportunity to borrow from the central bank on emergency terms on September 14th - the day Lehman filed for bankruptcy - provided it had the collateral.

Lehman - Endgame

Here's something we posted in the week leading up to the bankruptcy of Lehman, which gives some sense of the gossip / rumours that were swirling in the markets 2 years ago.

Lawmakers Pass 'Bonus Ban' Bill

Bloomberg reports that the US House of Representatives Friday passed legislation that would give regulators the power to effectively ban Wall Street bonuses which are deemed to encourage excessive risk taking.



Iran Missile Test

Beware: A national cyberterrorism attack may loom

A cyberterror attack on vital national infrastructure such as power facilities, transport networks and the financial sector could be imminent-and international governments are ill-prepared, cybersecurity experts have warned.