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Intern Accuses Boss Of Sending Lewd E-Mails

Hand over Money

19-year-old Karen Lo was pleased to be offered an intern position at Guerreiro Wealth Holdings, a firm which specializes in providing trading and investment strategies for high net-worth individuals, professional investors, hedge funds, money managers and institutional investors.

Top Firm Back On The Hire

Things have been tough over at UBS Investment Bank for the last couple of years, as the unit right-sized following those $50bn in asset writedowns which forced the Swiss government to intervene and provided bailout funds to steady the UBS ship.

Shareholders Call Top Firm Execs 'Parasites' Over Pay

Royal Bank of Scotland Chairman (RBS) Sir Philip Hampton told Radio 4 that investment banker pay 'continues to be astonishingly high', and admitted that it was difficult to justify the pay differential between investment bankers and those who work in the rest of the economy.