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Citi Wins 8-0

Five men and three women took just under 5 hours to unanimously decide that Citi and its M&A group didn't mislead, lie, cheat or dupe private equity firm Terra Firma when it acquired EMI for $6.7bn in 2007.

Man Charged With Murder Of Top Firm Equity Analyst


Singapore: The Straits Times reports that 41-year-old Jack Ang Hoe Meng has been charged with causing the death of Takanori Inada, a Nomura Securities equity analyst, who died from multiple injuries sustained at the back alley of Bukit Pasoh Road in Singapore's Chinatown district in the early hours of October 23rd.

Citigroup's 'Oh Dear, Oh Dear!' E-Mail

The Financial Times reports that there appear to have been early doubts about the financial viability of private equity firm Terra' Firma's 2007 acquistion of EMI, as an e-mail sent by Ian Cockerill, a senior credit officer at Citigroup, reveals.

JPMorgan Said To Be Involved In CDO Probe

Bloomberg reports that, according to an unnamed 'person familiar with the matter', US regulator the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating allegations that JPMorgan allowed hedge fund Magnetar Capital to select the underyling assets in a 2007 CDO before betting against them.