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Jamie Dimon - The Succession

Tongues are wagging following the announcement last week that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon had shuffled his executive pack once again, so as to give senior troops more opportuinity to impress, and more experience to be in with a shot of taking over from him.

UK Banks Under More Pressure To Rein In Bonuses (For Years)

The Daily Telegraph reports that UK banks have been advised by regulators and monetary authorities that they will need to 'rein in bonuses and slash dividends for years to come if they are to boost reserves and ready their balance sheets' to comply with new capital-adequacy rules planned for later this year.

The Truth About Goldman Sachs And The Office Bugs

Toy Bug

When we first saw those headlines last week about Goldman Sachs and its office bugs, we immediately thought that President Obama may have done a Nixon, and that the ghost of J. Edgar Hoover was walking The White House halls once more. But no, the bugs in question were the bed kind, rather than surveillance types.