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Wells Fargo Makes Out Like A Bandit

Citi and Wells Fargo have agreed to settle their spat over Wachovia, coming to a settlement which requires Wells to pay $100m to Citi to resolve 'all claims related to this dispute'.

JPMorgan Gaffer Gaffe

The Wall Street Journal's Deal Journal reports that CNBC made a faux pas last week when interviewing JPMorgan investment banking head Jes Staley.

Ex-Credit Suisse VP Awarded $2.4m

The Daily Mail reports that 36-year-old former Credit Suisse VP Oksana Denysenko has been awarded $2.4m by a UK Employment Tribunal after it was found that she was unfairly dismissed from her $127,000-a-year job in 2007 and sexually discriminated against.

Several Hundred Foreign Bankers Said To Flee London

The Telegraph reports that UK Chancellor George Osborne has apparently been engaged in high-level talks with 'a number of London's biggest financial institutions' as he tries to find out why several hundred foreign bankers have upped sticks and left the City this year.




Champagne trader gets 7 years

He used over £2 million of investors’ money to fund his lifestyle. He spent over £1 million in a casino, over £200,000 on designer watches and shoes, £60,000 on foreign travel, and over £600,000 in bars and nightclubs in London, Miami and New York.

US Capitol Building

DC has target on Wall Streeters: Evercore CEO

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's, D-Mass., success in defeating President Barack Obama 's pick for a prominent position in the Treasury Department is symptomatic of Washington's attitude toward would-be wealthy government appointees, Evercore Partners' CEO told CNBC on Friday.