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Some Lehman Stuff

The New York Post reports that Barclays and Lehman Brothers are back in court this week in that spat over whether the UK headquarted firm received an unfair windfall gain when certain of Lehman's US assets were acquired in September 2008.

Utah Probes Goldman

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the US state of Utah is investigating Goldman Sachs as part of the national probe of the securities industry.

Old Traders Never Die

'I'd like you to meet Peter', my boss said as he introduced me to the man standing by his side. 'He's going to be working with us for a bit - on your desk'.

The French Make A Play For London Banks / Jobs

So much for all the outrage French President Nicholas Sarkozy has been expressing about irresponsible bankers. According to The Independent, Sarkozy has been busy wooing top European banks in an attempt to get them to switch their EMEA HQs to Paris.

Wall Street Drug Use & City Drinking

The Wall Street Journal reports that, according to Sterling InfoSystems Inc., a company that provides employment screening services, cocaine showed up in 7% of the positive drug tests undertaken at Wall Street firms last year, down from 16% in 2007.