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Now E-Mail Banker Gags Press

Speculation has been mounting over the last few days about the identity of the mortified banker who, last week, received private pictures in her work inbox of herself giving pleasure to a male partner (can you imagine opening up an e-mail and seeing that!). The banker apparently carried the pictures around in a memory stick, which was somehow accessed by a person (or persons unknown), who maliciously sent them to her boss and several work colleagues.

E-Mails - When Will Staff Wise Up ?

The news late last week that an employee of JP Morgan Cazenove is said to have been suspended for allegedly sending out an e-mail in which he boasted about his s.x life is just incredible. Incredible not because a young hot-blooded male is boasting about his exploits, but incredible because he is believed to have used his work email address to send out the communication. Just when will staff learn that they are playing with fire when they do things like this ?

Top Firms Take More Trading Hits

A number of top firms, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, went through the first-quarter of 2010 without posting a single day of trading losses. Things were a bit tougher in the second period, though.

Bonuses & Other News

The Daily Telegraph reports that the UK's Office for National Statistics has revealed that City bonuses increased 10% to $15.9bn for the period December 2009 - April 2010.