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Bank of America - 'Dead Last'

Dow Jones Newswires reports that Bank of America's 'stock ran dead last among the Dow Jones Industrials in the third-quarter, losing nearly 9% when the index rose 10.4%'.

May 'Flash Crash' Caused By One Single Order

US regulators issued a 104-page report Friday that revealed that a single automated trade which began selling $4.1bn in futures contracts as a hedge, combined with the general nervousness in the markets at the time, resulted in almost $1 trillion being wiped off the value of US stocks in a 20 minute period on May 6th.



Mummified Hand

Ditch the handshake

The 'fist bump' - the greeting used by U.S. presidents, sports stars and rappers - has been given a clean bill of health, according to university scientists who released new research Monday showing that it could be more hygienic than the formal and business-like handshake.