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Risk And Compensation Linkages Need Further Strengthening

With financial regulators devoting a great deal of focus on pay and bonus practices globally - and new rules in this area being proposed in the U.S. - a new survey from Deloitte finds that 37% of financial institutions reported that they had completely or substantially incorporated risk management considerations into their overall performance goals and compensation decisions.

Cowen Group To Acquire Labranche & Co

Cowen Group, Inc. ('Cowen') and LaBranche & Co Inc. ('LaBranche') have announced a definitive merger agreement under which Cowen will acquire LaBranche, a market-maker in options, exchange- traded funds and futures on various exchanges domestically and internationally.

Banks May Have To Produce Bonus 'Scorecards' For Staff

The Telegraph reports that the latest proposals for banker pay to come out of The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision include the suggestion that banks should provide a performance metric scorecard for employees to justify why they have received the bonus they have.



Bernie Madoff

De Niro and Dreyfuss look to play Madoff

No corner of Wall Street is truly important until Hollywood actors play its heroes and villains. Corporate raiders have 'Wall Street', mortgage-backed securities sparked 'Margin Call', commodities dominate 'Trading Places' and stock brokers star in 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.


US Marshals auction another $11m in bitcoins

U.S. Marshals are selling 50,000 bitcoins that once belonged to Ross William Ulbricht, the man charged with being the pseudonymous founder of the online black market site, Silk Road.