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'No Jerk' Hiring Policies - Do They Work ?

The Jerk

Now much has been written recently about firms like Barclays Capital, who have so-called 'no jerk' hiring policies. According to no less an authority than The Financial Times, BarCap takes this philosophy 'seriously from the top executive suites on down'.

Headline Of The Year

Tired Gay on Reuters

OK, so it's not about the financial markets, but it is from Reuters. And we can't agree here whether it was an intentional attempt to be clever / naughty or not.

Another 'Intern' Classic

DealBreaker has a copy of a note said to have been sent by a Rice Student who failed to turn up for a campus interview with one of the US investment banks.

Top CEO Says Pay Staff Peanuts, Get A Load Of Muppets

Peanuts Pay Packet

Well, not quite. But Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann has been saying that there does appear to be a correlation between firms that paid out big in the run-up to the financial crisis, and the losses firms eventually sustained when the markets crashed.