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Some Bonus Classics

Bankers at JPMorgan are expecting good things next Wednesday, when the firm announces 2007 bonuses. The feeling is that if the bank can afford to pay a rumoured $5m annual retainer to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair (the man who is also said to be getting $600,000 off of Goldman for a speech later this week), then it must be in a good place. All that stuff CEO Jamie Dimon has been banging on about risk and expenses has clearly paid off. With fewer write-downs and better profits than rivals, if JPMorgan can afford to help keep old Tony out of the poor-house, there'll clearly be a lot of dosh to spread around over there this bonus time.

Cut My Bonus - Are You Having A Laugh ?

Financial Markets Cuts

'I've got to say that all this stuff about bank rescue plans cutting back on (or even killing) big industry bonuses has made me smile. If anything, the action of central banks and world governments will result in even bigger bonuses for the chosen few.

Don't Write-Off Your Right To A Bonus

'There’s recently been an unprecedented amount of comment expressed by various parties in relation to banker bonuses, which have clearly now become something of a political ‘hot potato’.



Church Window

Bankers asked to swap profit for prayer

Bright young professionals from the banking industry have been asked to attend a year-long course run by the Anglican Church, which aims to "reboot" the values of financial services following the global financial crisis.