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Drunken Analyst Said Fired After Trashing Colleague's Desk (HR Takes Picture)

Trashed Desk

Dealbreaker reports that, a couple of weeks back, a New York-based second year Credit Suisse technology analyst is said to have returned to the office (apparently over the weekend) rather the worse for wear, and trashed a colleague's work space (see pic to the right, which was seemingly taken by a member of the firm's HR Department for the employee's file).

Punter Gets An Eyeful - A Cautionary Tale

Glass Stiletto

Bankers, and mainly trading types, have been known, of course, to indulge in the odd visit to lap-dancing clubs - even though these days most firms have banned this kind of 'client entertainment'. But here's a cautionary tale.

Probably The Greatest Bank CEO Rant Ever

Jim Cayne Golfing

This week sees the second anniversary of the sale of Bear Stearns to JPMorgan Chase, and we dipped into perhaps the most definitive account of the saga - 'House of Cards' by William D. Cohan for a quick refresher of how things went down.

'No Jerk' Hiring Policies - Do They Work ?

The Jerk

Now much has been written recently about firms like Barclays Capital, who have so-called 'no jerk' hiring policies. According to no less an authority than The Financial Times, BarCap takes this philosophy 'seriously from the top executive suites on down'.



Church Window

Bankers asked to swap profit for prayer

Bright young professionals from the banking industry have been asked to attend a year-long course run by the Anglican Church, which aims to "reboot" the values of financial services following the global financial crisis.