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Exorcism On Wall Street

Jamie Dimons Horns

The Devil is in the detail, some say. While others claim that there's a devil in JPMorgan Chase's Park Avenue HQ building which needed to be exorcised.

1995 Kobe Earthquake Saw Off Nick Leeson (& Barings)

Nick Leeson

On January 16th, 1995, Barings trader Nick Leeson, already hiding substantial rogue trading losses from his bosses, took positions on the Singapore and Tokyo stock exchanges, hoping that his latest gamble would help him recover some of his unauthorised losses (and save his bacon).

Japan Nuclear Accident Latest

A second hydrogen explosion occurred at an earthquake-damaged nuclear reactor north of Toyko Monday. The blast is said to have been caused by a build-up of gas at Fukushima's station's No. 3 reactor.

Merger / Partnership News

Bloomberg reports that, according to its sources, the merger talks between inter-dealer brokers Tullett Prebon and Tradition appear to have stalled over price.



Barclays ATMs

Barclays said to significantly shrink bonus pool

Barclays will shrink its 2014 bonus pool more than 17% to less than 2 billion pounds ($3.1 billion) as the U.K.’s second-largest lender cuts back its investment bank, a person with knowledge of its compensation strategy said.