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FSA's Latest Letter On The Royal Bank of Scotland Report

Financial Services Authority Chairman Lord Turner has now publicly released a letter he sent earlier this week to Andrew Tyrie, the chairman of the UK Treasury Select Committee, on the subject of the regulator's report into the meltdown over at The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Stupid Bonus Quote Of The Week

EU financial services chief Michel Barnier has been talking to the UK Treasury Select Committee on the subject of banker bonuses and the new EU restrictions.

The 'Curse'

Mummified Hand - Tomascastelazo

A 'curse', they are calling it now. The 'curse' of being associated with Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff.

Bank Pulls The Plug On Bonuses

BBC News reports that Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has told Allied Irish Banks that any state aid would only be paid over on condition that no staff bonuses were paid out - no matter when they were earned.

FSA Outlines Progress In Reforming Supervisory Practices

In a speech Monday at Reuters in London, Financial Services Authority (FSA) CEO, Hector Sants, outlined the progress made on the design of the supervisory approach and internal preparation for the transition, in 2012, to the new regulatory structure and how the regulator is mitigating the risks a change programme of this scale undoubtedly creates.



RBS building

RBS sets aside £400m for FX probes

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS ) made a total pre-tax profit of £1.27 billion ($2.03 billion) in the third quarter thanks to previously underperforming loans in Ireland being revalued.