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Thomson Reuters - 'Best Start For M&A Since 2000'

The value of worldwide mergers and acquisitions totals $309.6bn through year-to-date 2011, a 69% increase over last year at this time and the strongest start for M&A since 2000, when the opening weeks of the year saw $554.2bn in deal activity.

Deutsche, Lazard, MF Global, Nomura

Deutsche Bank's Corporate & Investment banking unit saw a 57% increase in profits in the fourth-quarter, as sales and trading revenues grew by 30%. Overall, revenues hit a Q4 record high.




Banks searching for answers on awful earnings

A dismal fourth quarter for the industry saw steep declines in revenues for banks' trading desks, especially those covering the fixed-income and credit markets, and banks haven't been able to get their message straight on what exactly is causing it.