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Global Letter On Japan

Here's an interesting note from Nomura International's Global Chief Economist, Paul Sheard, who lived in Japan for many years and is a fluent Japanese speaker.

Barclays, Citi, Goldman, HSBC, Lehman, Morgan Stanley

The Guardian reports that Barclays' plan to pay executives and senior staff bonus awards in 'cocos' (contingent convertible bonds) has hit a snag, as institutional shareholders are said to have expressed concerns that the structure could end up being lucrative for the bankers, but cost investors too much money.

Helping Japan - What Firms Have Done So Far

Earthquake Map

With banks and other financial markets firms in the news more often than not for the wrong reasons these days, the unfolding disaster in Japan brings an opportunity for companies to underline that they really have learned about giving back to society.

Goldman Sacks

Goldman Sacks

OK, we've used this headline before, and technically Goldman hasn't 'fired' anyone (at least not for doing anything wrong), but the company has undertaken its usual firmwide review of its bottom quartile, and 5% of staff (around 1,800) are expected to soon be leaving.




2014's worst passwords - the top 25

Before you start thinking up a new password, you may want to start thinking about upping its complexity from a pet's name or they top row of letters on a keyboard.

Weber Grill

UBS Chairman in warning

The Swiss economy may still be coming to terms with a currency shock last week but Axel Weber, the chairman of UBS, has told CNBC that it is major policy divergence between different countries that could deliver a significant slice of volatility for global asset markets in 2015.