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'Deutsche' Gigolo Given 42 Months In Clink


PHILADELPHIA - A 27-year-old man who pretended he worked as a high-flying banker at Deutsche Bank (and The International Monetary Fund) who reeled in unsuspecting females on social networking sites and then stole thousands of dollars from them, has received a 42 month jail sentence for his troubles.

BofA, Citi, Deutsche, Goldman, JPMorgan, UBS, Wells Fargo

Waiting In The Dark

The Wall Street Journal reports that, according to its sources, Bank of America auditors are reviewing how come the firm's CFO (Chuck Noski) and CAO (Neil Cotty) didn't appear to have been consulted before the bank disclosed that its request to the US Federal Reserve to increase its dividend payments had been turned down.

The Systemic Risk List Of Financial Institutions

Voltage Sign

NYU's Stern School of Business has released a league table that ranks the 77 US financial institutions its research has concluded are capable of doing the most damage to the US financial system in the event that they got into trouble.

UBS Fined $2.5m & Ordered To Pay $8.25m Restitution


The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has announced that it has fined UBS Financial Services, Inc., $2.5m, and required UBS to pay $8.25m in restitution for omissions and statements made that effectively misled some investors regarding the 'principal protection' feature of 100% Principal-Protection Notes (PPNs) Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. issued prior to its September 2008 bankruptcy filing.



BNY Mellon could face charges over internships

Bank of New York Mellon Corp has disclosed in a filing that U.S. regulators are considering charging it with violating U.S. foreign bribery laws after an investigation into internships it gave to relatives of sovereign wealth fund officials.