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Top Firm Accused Of Withholding $500m In Bonuses

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Bloomberg reports that Lehman Brothers Holdings is claiming $500m from Barclays, as the bankrupt firm says that the UK-based bank failed to pay all of the bonuses it should have to former Lehman staff when it agreed to acquire Lehman's North American businesses in September 2008.

Bank President Resigns After Big Trading Losses

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Dow Jones Newswires reports that Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley President Fumiyuki Akikusa has stepped down following the around $1.2bn in trading losses sustained by MUFJ traders at the unit over the January - March period.

EU Launches CDS Probes Of 16 Banks

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The European Commission has opened two antitrust investigations concerning the Credit Default Swaps market. CDS are financial instruments meant to protect investors in the event a company or State they have invested in default on their payments. They are also used as speculative tools.

Has Warren Buffett Lost The Golden Touch ?


The 'Dave Sokol affair' appears to have taken a toll on Warren Buffett - both in terms of the perception of the public that he is our 'Mr Clean' who gets the tough calls right all the time, and his uncanny ability to to emerge from any situation, however challenging, the seemingly undisputed winner.



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