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Are We Close To The End Of The World As We Know It ?


Budget cuts, austerity programs, debt ceilings, sovereign debt worries, food price increases, civil unrest in many parts of the globe, famine again in East Africa. It's not looking good, is it ? In fact, it's easier not to look at all - and that's what many folks are doing.

Asset Management - The Process Of Consolidation Will Continue

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Asset managers had a better overall year in 2010 than in 2009, confirming the rebound from the global financial crisis. But building on the recovery and achieving a stable growth trajectory will remain a tall challenge, according to a report released today by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).



The Citadel Center

Hedge fund star gives warning for road ahead

Kenneth Griffin, whose Citadel hedge funds manage $24 billion in assets, said in a letter to investors Monday that he is approaching 2015 with "vigilance" in light of tumultuous market circumstances.