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New Study Reveals Objective Decision-Making On Promotions A Sham

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A study released earlier this month by Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business indicates that connections and relationships play a significant role in employee promotions, despite policies and procedures at most companies designed to lower the impact of non-objective assessment and despite general acknowledgment that such favoritism leads to bad decision making.




El-Erian: Grexit would not be a major catastrophe

Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic adviser at Germany-based Allianz, told CNBC on Tuesday that a Greek exit from the euro would cause "short-term chaos," but it would not bring the global economy to its knees.

Exit Sign

Starwood CEO quits in 'mutual' decision

Frits van Paasschen, president and chief executive of international hotel chain Starwood, has resigned "by mutual agreement with the board of directors," according to the company.