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That's Your Lot - Protesters Being Given The Boot

Occupy Wallstreet With Peace

'Occupy Wall Street' started in Zuccotti Park on 17th September and touched a cord, setting off a series of similar protests around the globe. In the early hours of today, however, the authorities signalled that they had had enough.

Statement Of Mayor Bloomberg On Clearing and Re-Opening Of Zuccotti Park

Occupy Wall Street - Zuccotti Park

'At one o’clock this morning, the New York City Police Department and the owners of Zuccotti Park notified protestors in the park that they had to immediately remove tents, sleeping bags and other belongings, and must follow the park rules if they wished to continue to use it to protest. Many protestors peacefully complied and left.



Oliver Twist

Greece 'in a corner' as Europe blocks payment

Greece's last-ditch attempt to get desperately-needed funds from its euro zone neighbors failed on Wednesday, but the country appears eternally optimistic that a list of reforms - as yet to materialize - will unlock vital aid.