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Cohan On Consequences Of JPMorgan's Iksil Bets

Cohen On JPMorgan Still

William Cohan, author of Money and Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World and a Bloomberg View columnist talks about JPMorgan Chase & Co. trader Bruno Iksil's strategy in credit derivatives and possible risks to the financial markets.

Barclays Boss Bob Diamond Should Receive No Bonus, Pirc Says

Bob Diamond Still

A row over the £17m pay package for Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond and a decision by the bank to pay his £5.7m tax bill escalated on Monday after it emerged that the advisory body Pensions Investment Research Consultants (Pirc) was recommending its clients vote against the proposals and the chair of the remuneration committee, Alison Carnwath.




Grexit, Grimbo, now Grexhaustion ?

The standoff between Greece and its creditors has spawned another bit of rivalry: the battle among analysts to coin the latest buzzword for the painfully protracted drama.