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My Boss Lets Me Work For Free!

Jumping for Joy

'It was only a matter of time before I was told that I was the next to be laid-off. It had happened to most of my colleagues, and I knew that I'd be no exception. The only reason I had lasted so long was because they didn't pay me so much. Then, before they had the chance to lay me off, I came up with the great idea of asking my boss if he'd let me continue to work for free!

More Job Loss News

Financial Markets Cuts

Bloomberg reports that Royal Bank of Scotland could cut as many as 300 staff in equities after failing to find a buyer for the units.



Pot Of Gold

Henderson staff do well

The asset management firm Henderson has paid its staff £143.6m [$210.6m] in bonuses for last year, increasing variable pay by more than 11% as fund inflows and profits improved.