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Eurozone Crisis Set To Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Christine Lagarde

Those who watched Dominique Strauss-Kahn at the spring meeting of the International Monetary Fund a year ago say he played a blinder. Although he was to leave Washington under a cloud shortly afterwards, DSK impressed with his no-nonsense approach to his fellow Europeans.

Another Top Firm Says 'Not Planning Headcount Reductions'

Smile Aleksandra P

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman tells FOX Business rumors that he wants to buy all of Smith Barney are 'media speculation' and 'it would take something extraordinary' to change their purchasing plan. He also confirms that the firm is not currently planning headcount reductions.

Bob Diamond's Big Sacrifice ?

Bob Diamond

Bob Diamond appears to believe that when Barclays does well, he has played a large part in its success, and when it does badly, his stewardship is of only marginal importance.