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Paul Tucker Is Innocent – All Too Innocent


'This doesn't look good, Mr Tucker," said committee chairman Andrew Tyrie half way through proceedings. Indeed it didn't. The deputy governor of the Bank of England had just confessed that it came as news to him only a few weeks ago that the Libor market was a "cesspit" of dishonesty.

Labour 'Did Not Pressure Banks Over Libor Rates'

Gordon Brown

Attempts by George Osborne to pin the blame for the Libor fixing scandal on former Labour ministers seem to be undermined after deputy Bank of England governor Paul Tucker told MPs that he had not been leaned on to encourage Barclays to cut its rates.

BNY Mellon Announces Settlement of Sigma Class Action Litigation

BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon has announced that it has entered into a settlement agreement related to a previously disclosed class action lawsuit pending in federal court in Oklahoma and initiated by CompSource Oklahoma concerning losses in connection with the investment of securities lending collateral in Sigma Finance Inc. ('Sigma'). The settlement agreement is subject to court approval.

Morgan Stanley Pushes The Twitter Envelope

Morgan Stanley HQ

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney started to permit financial advisers to market themselves and share ideas with clients through social-networking websites LinkedIn and Twitter from the back end of last month.