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Samsung Accused of Exploiting Younger Workers in China

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Samsung Electronics, the world's largest mobile and smartphone maker, is being accused of exploiting younger workers and using factories in China where some employees were physically and verbally abused, and forced to work more than 100 hours per month of overtime.

Nokia Unveils Make-or-Break Smartphones

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Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer took to the stage in New York on Wednesday to help Nokia, the once mighty European mobile phone giant, unveil two new smartphones in a make-or-break bid by both companies to create a hit product capable of taking on Apple and Samsung.

Bank Employee Satisfaction Poll - See How Your Firm Did

Wall Street Bull polled 3,500 Wall Street professionals using a weighted formula that reflects the issues banking professionals care most about, combining quality of life rankings (such as culture, contentment at work, work/life balance, and compensation) with overall prestige. And here's the top 15 firms.



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Report - UBS could 'shift' 20,000 staff

UBS, which has been taking steps to ensure key businesses can be broken off in a crisis, plans to shift some internal operations into legally separate service centers that can continue supporting individual subsidiaries after an emergency, according to SonntagsZeitung.

Skyscraper Window Cleaners

BlackRock rewrites risk rulebook

With $4.8 trillion in assets - or about the size of Japan’s economy - no one manages more money than BlackRock. So, it’s worth paying attention when the firm says it’s time to cast aside its trusted models for assessing risk in bonds.