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QE Experiment has Backfired, Consultancy says

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The Bank of England's attempt to support the economy with massive injections of newly created money has failed to achieve its main objectives, according to an independent assessment of the Bank's policy of quantitative easing (QE).

Samsung Accused of Exploiting Younger Workers in China

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Samsung Electronics, the world's largest mobile and smartphone maker, is being accused of exploiting younger workers and using factories in China where some employees were physically and verbally abused, and forced to work more than 100 hours per month of overtime.

Nokia Unveils Make-or-Break Smartphones

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Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer took to the stage in New York on Wednesday to help Nokia, the once mighty European mobile phone giant, unveil two new smartphones in a make-or-break bid by both companies to create a hit product capable of taking on Apple and Samsung.



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Job offer rescinded after online posting

Note to job seekers (especially younger ones, perhaps): If you're weighing competing job offers from fast-growing start-ups, you might not want to post your thought process in a public forum, especially in language a company CEO might find insulting.