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Citi Building Sign

Citi denies slow trading

Citigroup denied moving too slowly to close out a client’s trades in a lawsuit linked to the market turmoil that followed the Swiss National Bank’s surprise decision to scrap its currency cap last year.

John Stumpf

Wells Fargo banking scandal a financial crisis we can finally understand

For most Americans the fallout of the 2008 financial crisis was all too obvious. The economy imploded, jobs disappeared, house prices collapsed. But coming to grips with the reason it was happening – the run on mortgage-backed securities, collateralized debt obligations (AKA, CDOs), credit default swaps, synthetic derivatives, tranches – was not so easy.


Citi Building Canary Wharf

Too much room at Citi ?

Citigroup is weighing subleasing space in London’s Canary Wharf district after cutting staff numbers in the U.K. capital, according to three people with knowledge of the plan.


U.S. to seek extradition of ex-HSBC banker

The United States will seek the extradition from Britain of a former HSBC executive accused of participating in a fraudulent scheme involving a $3.5 billion (3.21 billion pounds) currency transaction, prosecutors said on Friday.