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Cheers! Wall Street Holiday Cocktails

Candied Bacon Jack Daniels Cocktail

Before we go off the 'fiscal cliff', or before at least some taxes rise to avoid it, here are ways Wall Street is bracing for the new year. It's the annual list of finance-related cocktails created by Cognito, a financial marketing and PR firm.

Man Group's New Head May Struggle To Stop The Rot

Pumpkin - Michele L

In the good old days, when Peter Clarke was finance director of Man Group, his job was to count the winnings as the AHL computer programme churned out excellent investment returns and enormous management fees. Back then, annual cash bonuses of £5m or £7m were the norm in the boardroom and executives could expect even bigger windfalls when their share options matured. AHL was a sensation, averaging an 18% annual return.



Chocolate Money

Thorntons bought by Ferrero for £112m

The maker of Ferrero Rocher chocolates has agreed to buy Thorntons for £112m after the ailing UK confectioner suffered falling supermarket orders and announced the resignation of its chief executive.