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The Curious Case of Europe's Shrinking Banks

Europe On The Globe

Europe's largest financial institutions, which have been readjusting since the onset of the 2008 financial crash and the sovereign debt crisis that followed, are causing pain all over the globe that will have long term implications, according to analysts.

The Worst Movie of 2013 Was Truly Ghastly

Digital Video Recording

Based on ticket sales, the worst movie of 2012 was 'The Ghastly Love of Johnny X', a 106-minute long black-and-white $2 million musical fiasco. According to Box Office Mojo, Johnny's box office wasn't boffo. At all. Total ticket sales added up to...$117



Hire Us

Hiring methods damage business growth

Finding top talent is a growing challenge for UK businesses, and new survey results published today from Upwork, the largest online talent marketplace, show that traditional hiring methods are compounding the problem.

Half eaten Big Mac

Things just got a lot worse over at McDonald's

McDonald's customer satisfaction ratings are getting worse, and it's dragging the rest of the fast food industry down with it, according the American Customer Satisfaction Index Restaurant Report 2015.