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'Frustrated' Madoff Says He's Getting No Credit

Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff says he is frustrated. Writing to CNBC from the federal prison where he is serving a life sentence for his epic fraud, Madoff said he is not getting credit for what he calls his "instrumental" role in returning money to his victims.

Ex-Stanford Executives Get 20 Years

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Gilbert T. Lopez Jr., the former chief accounting officer of Stanford Financial Group Company, and Mark J. Kuhrt, the former global controller of Stanford Financial Group Global Management, were each sentenced to 20 years in prison for their roles in helping Robert Allen Stanford perpetrate a fraud scheme involving Stanford International Bank (SIB).

Married Entrepreneurs Get Less Bedroom Satisfaction

Wedding Cake - Bruno Sersocima

According to a new study released just in time for Valentine's Day, married entrepreneurs said their sex life improved a mere one percent after starting small businesses together. Would you mix love and marriage with business ?

3 of Top 5 Donors Make Largest 50 Givers List

A Billion Dollars

The Chronicle of Philanthropy's 2012 list of Top 50 Most Generous Donors shows that three of the top five donors are under 40 - by far the largest number of young donors at the top ever. They gave close to $1bn in 2012.