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5 Funny Celebrity Break-Ins

Paris Hilton

This info-graphic tells 5 amusing celebrity break-in stories, from Paris Hilton's $2m loss due to 'leaving a spare key under the doormat', to LL Cool J's foiled robbery where the would-be thief came away with a lot less than he bargained for - although he did gain a broken jaw!

S&P Ratings Debate Doesn’t Show Fraud, Executive Says

Department Of Justice Logo

Analysts at Standard & Poor’s, the ratings firm accused by the U.S. of misleading investors about the risks of mortgage bonds that helped ignite the financial crisis, were arguing the merits of their views on debt opinions, not committing fraud, President Doug Peterson said.

Ex-Barclays CEO Diamond Set for $3m Payday

Bob Diamond

Former Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond is set to be paid about 2 million pounds ($3 million) in July, a year after he left the bank following its Libor interest rate rigging scandal.

Nomura Sues Over Derivatives Case


Nomura filed a claim in London against Banca Monte Paschi di Siena SpA the same day Italy’s third-biggest bank lodged a suit against it in an Italian court in a dispute about derivatives.



Big Brother

Why the workplace of 2016 could echo Orwell’s 1984

Activity-tracking devices made by companies like Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit are increasingly popular gadget purchases, but they’re also making their way into the workplace: research firm Gartner estimates that 10,000 companies offered activity-trackers to staff in 2014.