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The Fed's Great Stress Test Show

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It's true that the stress tests really are something of a public relations stunt. But they are a very important public relations stunt.

Facing 'Critical Mass,' Goldman Slows Promotions Path

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The path to being named a managing director at Goldman Sachs just got a little longer. In an internal memo obtained by CNBC and confirmed by Goldman the investment bank said it will name a new class of managing directors every two years, instead of on an annual basis, beginning in 2013.

UK Equities Trader Sentenced For Insider Dealing


In a case brought by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), Paul Milsom, a senior equities trader, has Thursday been sentenced at Southwark Crown Court to 2 years imprisonment for disclosing inside information between October 2008 and March 2010.

U.S. Workers - Average At Best

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Even as the private sector adds jobs , many U.S. executives claim their workers are average at best when it comes to critical thinking, creativity and communication, according to a new survey.




Toshiba chiefs quit over $1.2bn accounting scandal

Toshiba's chief executive and vice-chairman have resigned in the wake of an independent report on the company's 152 billion yen ($1.2 billion) accounting scandal, which accused the management of padding profits.