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Love-In At Citigroup

I Love You

In a marked difference to prior annual meetings, Citigroup shareholders praised management and the board on Wednesday for revitalizing the bank's strategy.

Barclays Pledges Better Regulator Relations

Barclays Building Sign

Barclays, hosting its annual meeting Thursday, has pledged to improve the bank’s relationship with regulators and evaluate pay following recommendations made in a review by Rothschild Vice Chairman Anthony Salz.



Deutsche Bank - External

Deutsche Bank to shy away from big reforms

John Cryan, Deutsche Bank’s new CEO, will not present 'big bang' reforms when the supervisory board gathers Thursday evening, rather an acceleration of existing plans to shed assets and exit countries.

Oliver Twist

Next boss serves up some sober analysis of wage policy

The CBI, working itself up into a fine fury, tells us the new national living wage will have a “dramatic impact” on corporate profits. Not at Next, it won’t, assuming the company’s chief executive, Lord Wolfson, has got his calculations correct, which is usually a safe bet.