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Hormones Don't Hurt Females – Inequality Does

Foot In Mouth

If a gaffe, in the famous formulation of journalist Michael Kinsley, can be best described as when someone accidentally admits the truth, then hedge fund star Paul Tudor Jones made a doozy of one at an off-the-record chat hosted by the University of Virginia last month.

Germany To Blame For Euro Zone Crisis: Study

500 Euro Note

Germany's insistence on keeping wage growth in check has given the country an unfair competitive advantage vis-à-vis its euro zone peers and is preventing troubled countries from returning to growth, a new study argues.

French Central Bank Chief Urges Spending Cuts

Francois Hollande Contemplates

The French central bank chief urged President Hollande and his government to stop hiking taxes and to cut government spending. His comments on Tuesday echoed ratings agency Standard & Poor's calls for France to make budget cuts to prevent a downgrade.




Global markets to log worst quarter since 2011

Global stock markets are headed for their weakest quarterly performance in four years after a torrid summer that saw investor sentiment rocked by developments in the world's two largest economies.