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Barclays warns on new capital rules

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Barclays has warned that it could rein in lending to households and businesses due to a new demand by the Bank of England that could force it to hold billions more pounds of capital.

Sir Mervyn King's great Bank of England myth

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As he departs, Sir Mervyn King cannot be allowed to get away with a myth he has been promoting for years – the notion that the Bank of England was somehow a lone voice of sanity in the pre-crisis years and that its warnings of impending disaster for the banking system fell on deaf ears.

German banks an accident waiting to happen

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Germany's banking system is one of the worst in the world, according to Paul Gambles, managing partner at advisory firm MBMG International, who told CNBC that Deutsche Bank is over-leveraged and is an accident waiting to happen.



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Ex-UBS manager avoids jail

A former Swiss banker who pleaded guilty to aiding Americans hide money from U.S. tax authorities was sentenced to five years probation and fined $150,000 in a West Palm Beach federal court on Monday, his lawyer said.