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After Government Raid, JItters For Bitcoin ?


With news that authorities seized assets of the world's largest bitcoin exchange, traders and other people interested in digital currency are looking nervously at the future. CNBC outlines possible next steps.

Goldman Result Is 'Surreal'

Goldman Sachs Blink

Almost three years ago, when Goldman Sachs paid $550m to settle fraud accusations by the Securities and Exchange Commission, one of the claims was that Goldman misled the bond-insurer ACA Financial Guaranty in a horribly complex deal named Abacus.

Will JPMorgan Turkeys Vote For Christmas ?

Jamie Fonzie Dimon

As JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon prepares for a vote Tuesday on whether he should keep his chairman and chief executive officer titles, he may take comfort knowing most of his biggest shareholders are led by men with the same dual role.