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RBC Up For Wealth Acquisitions

Oliver Twist

Royal Bank of Canada will consider acquisitions of as much as US$4.9bn as it seeks to expand its wealth-management unit, Chief Financial Officer Janice Fukakusa said.

'That Jamie Dimon Thing Was Crazy'

I'm With Stupid

The argument that companies like JPMorgan should split their chairman and CEO jobs to strengthen corporate governance is "the dumbest idea in the world," former GE boss Jack Welch told CNBC on Tuesday.

Men Vs Women - Money Matters


Men are still earning more than women, and although the gap is closing, women havent caught up just yet. Salaries aside lets find out who wins the battle of the sexes when it come to managing their finances.



Citi Building Canary Wharf

Reuters - Citigroup to boost equities

Citigroup plans to rebuild its long-neglected equities franchise seeking to capitalise on a retrenchment by rivals in the face of new rules designed to make the financial system less risky, according to people familiar with the bank's plans.