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JPMorgan posts loss after $9bn in charges

Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan Chase swung to a loss in the third quarter, the mega bank reported on Friday, as a raft of legal and regulatory problems forced the U.S.'s largest bank to pay more than $9 billion in charges.

Government pursuit of JPMorgan aggressive: Bill Daley

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The investigations by the federal government into JPMorgan Chase show "a bit of an aggressiveness" because of CEO Jamie Dimon's "notoriety" and the bank's success, William Daley, former JPMorgan man and White House chief of staff to President Barack Obama , told CNBC on Thursday.

Wells Fargo posts record profit

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Wells Fargo reported third quarter earnings that hit a record, the bank said on Friday, surpassing Wall Street's estimates as loans and deposits surged during the period.

Ex-bank examiner sues over Goldman findings

Goldman Fingered

A former senior bank examiner for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York sued her ex-employer, claiming she was fired because she refused to change her findings that Goldman Sachs lacked a firmwide conflict-of-interest policy.



Brian Moynihan Davos 2013 Pic

BofA CEO - 'I say stay the course'

Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan said that even if Wall Street reforms were scaled back by politicians, he wouldn’t change how he runs the company, including the extra capital the firm holds.