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Vince Cable: 5% chance UK will leave EU


There is only a small risk that the U.K. will leave the European Union and the country remains committed to reforming and improving its relationship within the continent, the U.K. Business Secretary Vince Cable said on Friday.

JPMorgan said in talks over Madoff warnings

Bernie Madoff

J.P. Morgan's alleged failure to file a key federal document more than five years ago is emerging as a critical component of a Justice Department investigation into whether the bank provided adequate warnings about the fraud of Bernard Madoff, people close to the probe said.



Courtroom Gavel

Trader convicted of spoofing

A jury on Tuesday convicted high-frequency trader Michael Coscia of commodities fraud and 'spoofing', in the U.S. government's first criminal prosecution of the banned trading practice.

Dog Detective

Goldman faces auction probe

Goldman Sachs added the offering and auction of securities, as well as 'when-issued trading', to a list of activities that regulators and other government bodies are investigating.