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Dimon's joke falls flat

Storm clouds

Jamie Dimon was talking about the business climate, not the polar vortex that gripped much of the U.S. this winter, when he mentioned 'weather' in a discussion about a slump in trading revenue at JPMorgan.

Pre-nup push: Why it may no longer pay to divorce in London


London's reputation as the divorce capital of the super-rich has been earned through a number of headline-grabbing, hefty settlements being set in its courts - but the era of wealthy divorce tourists flocking to the U.K. may be coming to a close.



Jamie Dimon

JP Morgan reports

Wall Street giant JP Morgan seems to have weathered market volatility, with revenues and profits both up from last year. Share price was up 2.02 per cent in pre market trading in New York, to $58.50.

Barclays Sign

Ex-Barclays FX trader loses identity case

Former Barclays currency trader Chris Ashton lost a complaint over whether he had been improperly identified in settlements related to the foreign-exchange scandal, handing the U.K. financial regulator its first win in a series of disputes over the issue.