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No UK housing bubble, just a London one: EY

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London is at risk of a housing bubble - with average house prices more than three times higher than in Northern Ireland or the north east by 2018 - but the rest of the U.K. looks set to escape wild gyrations in the property market, according to a report by consultancy EY.

Court approves BofA's $8.5bn mortgage settlement

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A New York state judge on Friday approved most of Bank of America's $8.5 billion settlement with investors in mortgage securities, which would resolve much of the bank's liability from its acquisition of Countrywide Financial during the financial crisis.

Lloyds to set target for women in senior roles

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The boss of Lloyds Banking Group will this week embark upon his own attempt to repair the reputation of Britain's battered banks by pledging to lend more to households and small businesses as well bolstering the number of women at senior level.